Stay at home order

Hey guys,

Today is tough day. We have been coaching these girls 2 or 3 times per week since the beginning of July. We have seen so many friendships develop, and huge improvements in running ability in all our girls!

This is not a job for us, its a passion. Every time I leave practice I feel just amazing!! I feel excited about the future of these kids and look forward immediately to planning the next practice. Its gonna stink while we cant coach, but Lindsey and I are working on a plan to keep the kids active.

I have been asked by a couple parents if we are going to keep coaching as groups of 5 are still allowed. The problem is the rules are very unclear right now. I don’t want us to risk getting a ticket and I certainly do not want any of you parents to get a ticket! The other big issue issue is how do we pick the 5. If Lindsey or I coach and Camryn also runs, then we have 3 spots. It doesn’t seem very fair.

So while we are on this break, we are gonna use this time to get everything set up for our club for when we can return. We are currently working with someone to develop our club website. We are pretty excited about this and hope to have it up and running soon!!We are looking forward to when the coronavirus is all gone and we can get back to having 40 or 50 kids out for each practice!

Have a great day guys and Lindsey and I will be in touch soon with some club updates!