I made new friends, and you can do long distance or short distance running.

Chloe, 9

It’s fun. You can do a lot of fun stuff like races and rope games.

Clara, 6

CK Running Club has been a wonderful addition to our weekly schedule! We love the flexibility of the drop in classes, makes life easy when things pop up. Our girls absolutely LOVE the variety of exercises that Coach Luke puts them through and they love to challenge themselves as well as their teammates! We love this running club because no matter your age or fitness level, all the girls have fun and have a great workout! CK running club is a great outlet for our girls in this ever changing world and we thank Coach Luke and Lindsey for all their support! Cant wait to be back at the track!

Amy M, Parent

Coach Luke and Coach Lindsey are the best! They keep my teenage girls motivated and improving each week with different running drills, making it fun and competitive at the same time. If you are a serious runner or just want to stay fit, CK Running Club is the place to go!

Erin R, Parent

I Love attending CK Running Club! It is a fun place to go and hang out with friends, meet new friends and exercise. Time flies when you are having fun! Lindsey and Luke are awesome coaches and push you to your full potential but doing it in a fun way!

Josie, 13 and Maya, 11

Coach Luke and Lindsey gained the respect of both runners and parents from the beginning by being compassionate and respectful. They are coaches that bring the best out of all the girls, they are always well prepared and always ready to go for practice. Not only has every girl improved their skill level and self confidence but they have all come away with meeting new friends. In the meantime, these same skills and values will help their years to be successful in other sports. Thanks for coaching Luke and Lindsey, these are the years the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. You have helped foster a love for running that many may not have even started

Maxine, Parent